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Miscellaneous Information:

Thamar J. Tyson (“Juan”) has been singing professionally since 1978, beginning with the Professional SAT Gospel Choir of the 46th Street Baptist Church, Birmingham, Alabama USA for which he conducted and sang Tenor through to the present and onward as Baritone/Bass 1 with the Toronto Mendelssohn Choir and Toronto Mendelssohn Singers, two of Canada’s most known and loved vocal choirs.

In between, Juan has sung in, composed and arranged for, conducted, directed, and sponsored, numerous choral and vocal ensembles, with focus ranging from Gospel and Spiritual to Classical and Jazz.  Including to name just a few, Redeemed Close Harmony Chorale, Kingsway Gospel Choir, and the Harmony Singers, which has recorded 4 CDs and a Video, and for which he continues to sing Bass and Baritone, conduct, arrange, and compose music.